We are a realistic VTC based in the game Euro Truck Simulator 2. It all started back in April 2018 when the founder Owen created and formed the initial company. Despite the little experience he had in single player he bought skins and began recruitment. It was a slow start but it slowly took off and became what it is today. A company dedicated to the service it provides.

Realism. Professionalism. Perfection.

Miller Transport is what it is today due to the many people who supported it in the early years. Without them the VTC would’ve crumbled a long long time ago. The hardwork and dedication that has been put into this company is second to none and finally it has paid off.

We now have a fleet of airbrushed trucks alongside a set of road-worthy trailers which help keep the VTC financially afloat. Without the fleet, the company would be nothing.

We have depots around the UK as well as satellite depots in Scandinavia with our partner 5-Star Logistics! These different locations help us provide an international service to our clients and allows us to keep drivers interested in working for us.

So, as a personal thanks, we are so happy to be where we are and everyone – past and present – deserves our eternal gratitude.

Miller Transport, over and out.